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June 14, 2008
Categories: McCain

McCain doesn’t pick up on Michelle Obama joke

So a man finally got a question into McCain and he had a very different sort of question.

The questioner noted that he had been educated at Princeton and Harvard and made more than $300,000 a year.

“How can I be proud of my country?” he asked.

Get it — he was mocking Michelle Obama and her statement earlier this year that her husband had for the first time in her life made her proud of her country.

Well, McCain either missed the joke or decided to ignore it and answer the question literally. I think it was the former because the individual asking the question had a thick accent that sounded to be either Indian or Pakistani, perhaps suggesting to McCain a recent immigrant grappling with America’s image abroad.

“I’ll admit to you that it’s tough, it’s tough in some respects,” McCain said, seeming to lend credence to Michelle Obama’s observation.

McCain said America needed to be “more humble, more inclusive.”

He observed that one of the ways to be proud of the country was to look at our history — and the sacrifices U.S. troops have made abroad.

McCain let his questioner follow up and the individual repeated, but didn’t clarify, his line.

In closing, McCain said he was proud of America in part “because of you and what you’ve been able to achieve and accomplish.”

Martin calls it a ‘joke’. I don’t, but Senator Straight Talk not ‘getting it’ IS the joke.

It has been a weird weekend, and one I wouldn’t want to repeat again. No sooner than I’ve had a chance to catch my breath and reflect on the impact that Tim Russert was on Meet The Press, we’re now hearing about who’s going to replace him.

Russert isn’t even buried yet, and already, there’s speculation about who NBC is looking at as Russert’s possible successor. While I didn’t always agree with Russert (face it, he had a chance to really grill Dick Cheney about that “hunting” accident, and didn’t), you really couldn’t hate on the man, and what he brought to what’s left of television journalism.

My collegues have already posted a tribute of sorts to Mr. Russert, and Father’s Day had to be very difficult for his widow and son; so, I want to honor Mr. Russert in my own way.

By looking at who NBC is considering to replace him and evaluating their worthiness to succeed “Little Russ”.

According to the LA Times, there are three “insiders” being considered for Russert’s job: Chris “Tweety” Matthews, David Gregory and Joe Scarborough.

All three to which I echo my collegue, Rikyrah, with a resounding “HELL TO THE NAW!” with good reason.

If you’ve watched (or suffered) through any show on NBC or MSNBC hosted by these “top” three, then you will soon know my opinion on them, and hopefully, you may agree, or have an even stronger opinion of their journalistic fortitude than I have.

DAVID GREGORY – least offensive of the three, and has been known to jeopardize his White House Media access by actually asking challenging questions and rebuttal ones during White House press conferences, which somewhat implies journalistic integrity. However, his impression of a rap artist with DJ KKKarl Rove at the last White House Correspondence Dinner, somewhat diminishes that journalistic integrity. I’d appreciate some feedback on Mr. Gregory from our readers.

CHRIS MATTHEWS – the man nicknamed “Tweety” in the blogsphere is too bloviating and too prone to get “crushes” to the point he can’t cover the objects of his affections in an objective fashion (His fawning over Rudy Giuliani, and waxing poetic over the smell of Fred “Law & Order” Thompson eau de Stale Cigar with Old Spice was really creepy). He started to reverse that slide with the death throes of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign; but that was too easy for him, considering he had a hatred “hard-on” for Hillary from the day she announced she was running. He’s also prone to having to be byotch-slapped by Keith Olbermann when they provide election coverage during the Democratic primary; didn’t Olbermann have to smack him down in one of his “Special Comments” lately? Plus, he can barely read the teleprompter on a good day, and I don’t want to see him on a bad one. He’s also sexist and walks a fine line between being a bigot and objective journalist. Just say “No” to him, please.

JOE SCARBOROUGH – (a) he’s an alcoholic who’s (b) too much of a reich-wing idealogue to be an objective moderator for MTP and (c) he should not benefit from Tim Russert’s death with a promotion of this caliber until he answers questions about that dead staffer found in his Pensacola office when he was a Congressman. Plus, if you’ve suffered through an episode of “Morning Joe” you feel sorry that Mika Brezinzki has to put up with his officious ass while restraining the urge to pimp slap Willie Geist for being a milder-version of Don Imus’ bigoted producer, Bernard McGuirk (he of the “nappy-headed hoes” joke which got him and Imus fired from MSNBC).

Additionally, Joe was on MTP to pay tribute to Russert, but to me, it looked like he was already trying to interview and audition for Russert’s job, which is in very poor taste. Hey, he didn’t break a sweat over Lori Klausutis (the dead staffer), either.

I would think that NBC would wait a couple of weeks, to allow the grieving over Russert’s passing to settle. The man died on Friday; Sunday evening, they’re auditioning for his replacement. This is ruthless media at the core, I guess, but if you’re going to consider people, how about:

BILL MOYERS – He rocked last weekend at the Media Reform Conference in Minneapolis. He put a beat down on Bill O’Reilly’s producer who tried to ambush him (a MasterCard moment), plus he has the highest journalistic integrity unquestioned. I love watching his documentaries and “Bill Moyer’s Journal” on PBS. A worthy successor to Russert, bar none.

GWEN IFILL – Her selection would have MTP making history with one of our people. I remember how she set Russert straight by calling him out on his failure to call out his buddy, Don Imus, for the racist comments he’d made on his show, long before the Rutgers Women’s Basketball team fallout. She related Imus’ comment about how PBS had “hired the cleaning lady to do news” when she was promoted to anchor on the then-”McNeil-Lehrer” Report, and how, the day that comment was made, Russert was a guest on Imus’ show. That’s the one time I saw Russert squirm and looked like he wished he was somewhere else. But what I also learned is that Russert recruited Ifill to fill in for him when he was off on MTP and really encouraged and promoted her in her career. So, she, too, would be a worthy successor to Russert as well.

KEITH OLBERMANN – the drawback is that he wouldn’t be able to break out cans of whip-ass on people that need to get called out. He’d also be a worthy successor to Russert, but I like him where he is on “Countdown”. He’s his own man on that show – he’d have to toe the line on MTP, which isn’t Olbermann’s style.

TOM BROKAW – I liked watching him on the NBC Evening News and I think, watching his coverage of Russert’s passing on Friday Night, he also would be a good replacement if he’s willing to come out of retirement, and still be allowed to do those special documentary projects he’s been busy with.

The remaining names I saw in the Times should be on the “Hell to the Naw!” list as well as Joe Scar, Tweety and Gregory:

KATIE COURIC – the CBS Evening News is in the tank and we must also wonder why the “Today” Show allowed her to walk if she was that good.

ANDREA MITCHELL – Double “HELL TO THE NAW” because she’s married to Mr. Bubble (Alan Greenspan) who lied about the Nation’s economy and now it’s biting us in the ass. Oil companies shouldn’t be making record profits while we get goughed for gas, and no bank on Wall Street should be bailed out for mismanagement by the Federal Reserve, which her husband ran for 20 years. I know she’s a reporter, but she’s not a very good one, and I’ve seen her moderate panels and forums; she’s as good at moderating as her husband was in lying to the American Public about the state of the economy and America’s monetary policy (the Euro has more value than the American greenback these days). Her coverage has been equally biased by her political connections and ideology, though she tries to hide it, but doesn’t do a very good job of toning down her rhetoric, either.

ANYONE FROM FOX NETWORK – They are NOT JOURNALISTS; they are bigoted teleprompter readers who can’t string two sentences together unless those sentences have racial comments or slurs contained. They need not apply unless they want to get laughed out of Jeff Zucker’s office.

I think in summing up this post, NBC’s Zucker said it best:

“Nobody should even think about replacing Tim Russert,” he said in a telephone interview on Sunday. “What someone will need to do is find the next way to do ‘Meet the Press’ and provide political analysis. Anybody who thinks they can replace Tim Russert is kidding themselves.”

Frank Rich’s column today is very interesting.

In discussing the Obama/McCain race, Rich brings forth the following points about the latest polls, since Senator Straight Talk is pushing hard for Hillpatine’s female followers:

But while the McCain campaign apparently believes that women are easy marks for its latent feminist cross-dressing, a reality check suggests that most women can instantly identify any man who’s hitting on them for selfish ends. New polls show Mr. Obama opening up a huge lead among female voters — beating Mr. McCain by 13 percentage points in the Gallup and Rasmussen polls and by 19 points in the latest Wall Street Journal-NBC News survey.

How huge is a 13- to 19-percentage-point lead? John Kerry won women by only 3 points, Al Gore by 11.

Now, let’s go over this again. Obama’s leading anywhere from 13-19 points, which is better then BOTH the previous Democratic Candidates for President, yet somehow, this point seems to be getting lost in translation. After all, if Obama is doing better than the 2 previous Democratic Candidates – two White guys – then, how could the MSM pimp their memo that Obama has a problem with ‘ working White people’. Then how could they pimp the ‘ does he need Hillpatine as VP ‘memo?

The real question is how Mr. McCain and his press enablers could seriously assert that he will pick up disaffected female voters in the aftermath of the brutal Obama-Clinton nomination battle. Even among Democrats, Mr. Obama lost only the oldest female voters to Mrs. Clinton.

Oh Mr. Rich, the same way the ‘press enablers’, though Chuck Todd announced the night of the Wisconsin Primary that it wasn’t mathematically possible for Hillpatine to catch Obama in Pledged Delegates, they went right along with the moving of the goalposts, perpetrating the fraud that she could actually win the nomination by any way other than THIEVERY.

If they told the truth – that NO White Democratic candidate has gotten a majority of the White vote since 1964, then Obama not having it wouldn’t look so bad, would it? If they told the truth, that Obama led with White women (by 7 points) – I thought it was bogus for them to leave out that he led among White women, but trailed among suburban White women. Maybe it’s just me, but have they’ve really done that before – suburban White women as a category? If they told the truth – that though he was losing White men by 20 points, it was BETTER THAN Kerry (25 points) or Gore (24 points), then, gasp, where would their narrative of the Black guy’s in trouble go?

Mr. Rich also points out the following:

“NBC Nightly News” was so focused on these supposedly devastating Obama shortfalls that there was no mention that the Democrat beat Mr. McCain (and outperformed Mr. Kerry) in every other group that had been in doubt: independents, Catholics, blue-collar workers and Hispanics. Indeed, the evidence that pro-Clinton Hispanics are flocking to Mr. McCain is as nonexistent as the evidence of a female stampede. Mr. Obama swamps Mr. McCain by 62 percent to 28 percent — a disastrous G.O.P. setback, given that President Bush took 44 percent of the Hispanic vote in 2004, according to exit polls. No wonder the McCain campaign no longer lists its candidate’s home state of Arizona as safe this fall.

If looking at this poll, wouldn’t this stick out to you? All the DIFFERENT groups where Obama is leading at this point? But, very little notice to this, and obsessing over the ‘ White Suburban Women’.

Final point of reference:

There are many ways that Mr. Obama can lose this election. But his 6-percentage-point lead in the Journal-NBC poll is higher than Mr. Bush’s biggest lead (4 points) over Mr. Kerry at any point in that same poll in 2004.

Let’s repeat that:

There are many ways that Mr. Obama can lose this election. But his 6-percentage-point lead in the Journal-NBC poll is higher than Mr. Bush’s biggest lead (4 points) over Mr. Kerry at any point in that same poll in 2004.

Lesson for today: don’t fall for the MSM’s complicitness in hyping Senator Straight Talk. If you see a poll come out, search through it; search those crosstabs for the REAL STORY. Perpetrating frauds is GOOD FOR BUSINESS for them….for reference, just look at the Primary ‘ Race’, post Wisconsin.

Senator Obama filling sandbags in Quincy, Illinois

From DailyKos:

Obama Campaign Organizes Flood Relief – Updated 2x w pics
by OIL GUY [Subscribe]
Sat Jun 14, 2008 at 09:28:26 AM PDT

Barack Obama and his campaign are using the power of their e-mail list and website to help organize relief efforts for people in the Midwest devastated by the intense floods. I recieved an e-mail from the campaign asking me to help by donating to the Red Cross relief effort. When I went to, I saw that the home page is dominated by an appeal for the flood victims uinder the banner:


OIL GUY’s diary :: ::

Not only is the Obama campaign helping to raise money for the relief effort, the websites Community Blogs are providing information on where volunteers who live in or near the affected areas are needed to assist local residents in building sandbag levees to protect peoples’ homes. They had specific information on what towns needed help and where volunteers should go to offer their help. This included an appeal for volunteers to bring cold bottled water for the folks working at sandbagging – it is grueling hard work and the floods have contaminated many of the local water supplies.

For more about the Obama Campaign’s Attempts to help the flood victims,GO HERE

Whatever you can give I’m sure will be appreciated.

Pop: A Celebration of Black Fatherhood

To all the men, but especially to all the Black Men out there taking care of business..

As a Black woman who had the RIGHT KIND of Black father, I thank you Brothers. You might believe that your work is going unnoticed, and I’ll be frank, it probably is. My father was “out of touch” when I was 18. When he died when I was 19, I didn’t think I knew enough. As I’ve gotten older, I realize that what he packed into those 19 years would last me a lifetime, and give me the compass by which I could guide my life.

Daughters of Men: Portraits of African-American Women and Their Fathers

Brothers, young Black boys aren’t the only ones who need a father. Black girls need you too. Need you because they need to understand what they should expect for themselves. They need you because YOU will validate their intelligence, their beauty, and build that self-confidence.

My Daddy encouraged my love of reading; TAUGHT ME how to cook; encouraged my love of travel; photography and sports. By watching him treat my mother with the utmost of respect, he beatdown all the negative imagery of the Black man that lurks around every corner in media of this world.

For those of you who didn’t have a father in your lives growing up, and decided NOT to repeat the cycle, Bless You. Thank you. You took your experience and turned it on its head. BECOMING the father that you never had. Your children will thank you always.


So, drop those links. Tell those stories. Praise those men who helped you become who you are.

And always, have a peaceful day.

HufPo has this story: Black Conservatives Conflicted On Obama Campaign

The entire article is worth reading, but I wanted to pull out a few excerpts.

Black conservative talk show host Armstrong Williams has never voted for a Democrat for president. That could change this year with Barack Obama as the Democratic Party’s nominee.

“I don’t necessarily like his policies; I don’t like much that he advocates, but for the first time in my life, history thrusts me to really seriously think about it,” Williams said. “I can honestly say I have no idea who I’m going to pull that lever for in November. And to me, that’s incredible.”

Yes that’s Armstrong “Payola” Williams. It seems the only reason he would support Obama is because of “history” aka race. I’m about to choke on the irony.

More from the story

J.C. Watts, a former Oklahoma congressman who once was part of the GOP House leadership, said he’s thinking of voting for Obama. Watts said he’s still a Republican, but he criticizes his party for neglecting the black community. Black Republicans, he said, have to concede that while they might not agree with Democrats on issues, at least that party reaches out to them.

“And Obama highlights that even more,” Watts said, adding that he expects Obama to take on issues such as poverty and urban policy. “Republicans often seem indifferent to those things.”

Very interesting position from Watts. I have a few conservative black friends, and many of them have a strong theoretical case for supporting the Republican party: competition. Even black Democrats acknowledge that their party has too often taken their votes for granted. For many, this campaign season was a rude awakening as we saw few Democrats step up to put an end to the race-baiting by fellow Democrats in the Clinton campaign.

So yes, in theory, Democrats should not be allowed to take black votes for granted, and the GOP should be a competitive option. But when someone who’s been inside the GOP as Watts has says that party is indifferent to the concerns of black voters, well, that’s not really competition is it?

Remember Denise Huxtable’s husband? Here’s what he had to say

“I am wondering if this is the time where we get over the hump, where an Obama victory will finally, at long last, move us beyond some of the old conversations about race,” [Joseph C.] Phillips said. “That possibly, just possibly, this great country can finally be forgiven for its original sin, or find some absolution.”

Yet Phillips, author of the book “He Talk Like a White Boy,” realizes the irony of voting for a candidate based on race to get beyond race.

“We have to not judge him based on his race, but on his desirability as a political candidate,” he said. “And based on that, I have a lot of disagreements with him on a lot of issues. I go back and forth.”

and John McWhorter…

John McWhorter, a self-described political moderate who is a senior fellow at the conservative Manhattan Institute and a New York Sun columnist, said Obama’s Democratic Party victory “proves that while there still is some racism in the United States, there is not enough to matter in any serious manner. This is a watershed moment.”

“Obama is probably more to the left than I would prefer on a lot of issues,” he adds. “But this issue of getting past race for real is such a wedge issue for me. And he is so intelligent, and I think he would be a perfectly competent president, that I’m for him. I want him to get in because, in a way, it will put me out of a job.”

The last time I was on News & Notes, Desmond Burton (Afronerd) and I had a conversation about Obama’s victory shifting the racial conversation in the U.S. The idea is that Obama, of course, won’t solve all the problems of black America by his mere election, but that he’ll remove the “victim” mentality of many black folks who want to blame all our problems on racism.

We’ve got Obama’s ascent pushing serial spokesmen like Sharpton and Jackson out of the spotlight along with conservative pundits like McWhorter? Who will be left?

The true impact of Obama’s rise is somewhere in the middle. The symbolism of his success cannot be lost on any black American, liberal or conservative. Both sides can claim his victory as their own. From the left, I can be glad for Obama while knowing that the hundreds of thousands of unjustly imprisoned brothers won’t magically get their freedom back after inauguration day. From the right, they’d love to say that a black president has shattered the final mental achievement barrier holding our people back.

In the end, it will take more than Obama. It will take more collective effort and much more time, not just to shift the conversation about race in America, but the reality.


UPDATE: Was the idea for this article taken from an extensive and excellent series on Black Conservatives and Obama by The Black Snob? One has to wonder.



McCain Cancels Event with Controversial Fundraiser
June 13, 2008 5:36 PM
ABC’s Rick Klein reports:

Sen. John McCain on Friday abruptly cancelled a Monday fundraiser that had been scheduled at the home of a Texas oilman, after ABC News contacted the campaign inquiring about a verbal blunder the Texan made during an unsuccessful 1990 campaign for governor.

Clayton Williams stirred controversy during his 1990 campaign for governor of Texas with a botched attempt at humor in which he compared rape to weather. Within earshot of a reporter, Williams said: “As long as it’s inevitable, you might as well lie back and enjoy it.”

His Democratic opponent at the time, the late Ann Richards — who, coincidentally, would lose the governor’s mansion to George W. Bush in 1994 — highlighted the comments in a TV ad during that 1990 campaign. View the ad HERE.

McCain campaign spokesman Brian Rogers said the Monday event was being cancelled, given the offensive comments. He said he could not yet say what McCain would do with donations brought into the campaign by Williams.

“These were obviously incredibly offensive remarks that the campaign was unaware of at the time this event was scheduled,” Rogers said. He added that Williams apologized for the comments back in 1990, but he said that does not excuse them.

Williams told the Midland Reporter-Telegram recently that he had already raised more than $300,000 for McCain and the fundraiser to be held at his home in Midland.

Rest of article at link above.

Has Senator Straight Talk returned the money?

Of course, this IS the man who called his Pill Poppin’ Piece-On-The-Side…

the ‘ C’ Word.


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There are some things we’re definitely doing:

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Types of questions I have:

  • What site features do you think we should have here? Someone mentioned a live chat room, for example.
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  • Would you be interested in a Daily Kos-style “diary” system? (this is a bit tougher for us to solve, but I’d like to know how much people want something like this).

That should be a good start. Thanks everybody for being part of the fam. We take your input seriously.

Good morning.

I hope that you enjoy this weekend. Enjoy your family and friends.

And, in between that, come on in and drop those links, share those stories, have those debates, and give us trivia.

Share with us at JJP.

And always, have a peaceful day.

Tim Russert Dead At 58

13 Jun 2008

According to the NY Times. No details yet, besides they think its a heart attack.


NBC News and MSNBC
updated 3 minutes ago

WASHINGTON – Tim Russert, NBC News’ Washington bureau chief and the moderator of “Meet the Press,” died Friday after being stricken at the bureau, NBC News said Friday. He was 58.

Russert was recording voiceovers for Sunday’s “Meet the Press” broadcast when he collapsed. He was rushed to Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, where resuscitation efforts were unsuccessful, said Russert’s physician, Michael Newman.

Newman said the cause of death was not immediately known.

Russert had returned from Italy, where his family was celebrating the graduation of his son, Luke, from Boston College.

A grilling on “Meet the Press” was often considered an essential proving ground in the career of any national politician. Russert took the helm of the 60-year-old public affairs program in 1991.

“If you could pass the Tim Russert test, you could do something in this field,” said Howard Fineman, senior Washington correspondent for Newsweek magazine and a columnist for

Russert’s tenacity as a reporter and his consuming passion for politics were evident during his nearly round-the-clock appearances on NBC and MSNBC on election nights.

Statement from NBC
Statement from Jeff Zucker, president and CEO of NBC Universal:

“We are heartbroken at the sudden passing of Tim Russert. We have lost a beloved member of our NBC Universal family and the news world has lost one of its finest. The enormity of this loss cannot be overstated. More than a journalist, Tim was a remarkable family man. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife, Maureen, their son, Luke, and Tim’s entire extended family.”

Aside from his on-air responsibilities, Russert was a senior vice president and head of NBC’s overall Washington operations.

He was “one of the premier political journalists and analysts of his time,” Tom Brokaw, the former longtime anchor of “NBC Nightly News,” said in announcing Russert’s death. “This news division will not be the same without his strong, clear voice.”

R. Kelly Found Not Guilty

13 Jun 2008

Not sure how the jury could possibly find this verdict, but here it is:

CHICAGO (AP) — Singer R. Kelly has been found not guilty on the first 7 of 14 counts at a child pornography trial. The jury deliberated less than a day.

Kelly was charged with 14 counts of videotaping himself having sex with an underage girl, who prosecutors say was as young as 13. If convicted, he faces a minimum of four years in prison and a maximum of 15 years. He would also have to register as a sex offender in Illinois.

The jury — nine men and three women — was given the case Thursday.

The key question for the jurors was whether they believe it was Kelly in the video, as prosecutors contend. Kelly’s attorneys say it wasn’t him.

I’m counting down the moments it takes for someone to demand that Obama reject and denounce R. Kelly, being that they’re both from Chicago. 

Matthew Lynch at Black State gets the honor of winning both simultaneously for this “list of reasons” black men don’t date black women.

1. Black women make black men feel under appreciated, unwarranted and irresponsible and regressive.
2. Black women are too aggressive and no longer patient in waiting on the pursuit of a man.
3. Black women are strong headed, too independent which presents great challenges in relationships.
4. Black women are masculine in that they are controlling and like to run the relationship.
5. Black women expect too much. They are gold diggers who will not look twice at a blue collar black man.
6. Black women are hot headed and have bad attitudes.
7. Black women stop caring about their appearance after a certain age.
8. Black women are not as sexually open as other races, especially in regards to oral sex.
9. Black women’s tolerance is far too low; they are no longer empathetic to the black man’s struggle in white America.
10. Black women do not cater to their men.

On behalf of my mother, her Ph.D, and her thirty plus of marriage, this man can kiss my high yellow booty. 


(I can never look at this picture without cracking up. Now, THIS is animal abuse..LOL. Thanks to POLITOPICS for the pic.)

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